Welcome to Tea With Oya

My blog uses the ancestral tradition of story telling as a teaching method. Stories teach through emotion, imagery, and spirit. My narrative is one of lived experience. I speak from my place in the world as a Black Womxn. My stories are an invitation to white people, white women especially, to enter the fire circle with me, a place which is not safe, nor comfortable. It is only in this space of challenge to everything you have come to know as a white person that you will be able to do your part to change the destructive world we all inhabit.

There will be no tolerance for white nonsense. Believe me, I do not write my truth so that white people will like me or be comfortable with me. I am not here for your allyship or your friendship. I am here to provide a crucible for you to transform yourself. If you can stand in the gaze of my truth then you may be ready to look at your own in all its chaos and complexity. I guarantee you will not be happy with what you find. That is how you will know you are doing your work in a way that will help you to stand in solidarity with the marginalized and the invisible.

For better or worse we live in a consumer capitalist society. I didn’t create it, but I do have to navigate it. I didn’t put a monetary value on my intellectual and emotional labor. Your ancestors did that. To that end, I believe in reparative justice and compensating Black Womxn for the work we do in all forms. Compensation for my writing is requested, encouraged and appreciated.

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